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Effortless Steps to Your Dream Landscape



We start by scheduling a free initial consultation to discuss your landscaping needs, preferences, and budget


Once we understand your needs, we will provide you with a detailed proposal that outlines the work to be done, the timeline, and the cost.



We will work with you to create a customized design plan that meets your requirements and budget.


Installation and Maintenance

Once you approve the design, our team will begin the installation process. We will also provide ongoing maintenance to ensure your outdoor space continues to look its best.


Why Landscape Design?

Installing landscaping can be a huge investment, so why go in blindly?

Especially when that investment can literally wither and die in the form of struggling plants.


Our designers are trained to learn about your lifestyle, aesthetics, and practical needs, analyze your site, and show you exactly how to get the most out of your space.

Having your landscape designed is a smart move on multiple levels, as high-quality landscaping can actually increase in value as it matures.


Working from a professional’s plan can also save you a significant amount of money and trouble; we’ll select the right plants the first time around and dream up a space you’ll always want to show off and never want to redo.


We believe that a good landscape is as practical as it is beautiful. Let our experts help you achieve that “wow” factor you can enjoy for years to come, without the headache.

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Client Testimonials

What our clients say

See what our satisfied clients have to say about our landscaping services. We take pride in our work and value their feedback

Ty & Giselle Nelson
Ty & Giselle Nelson
I’ve had the chance to work with Professional Landscaping on a couple different occasions. They most recently did our fence and took time to even clean the fence afterwards. The pricing was competitive and they took time to consult us and make sure we were getting exactly what we needed. They also offered some helpful tips as I have tried to do much of our yard as a diy project. Great company, fully recommend.
Kennedy Walker
Kennedy Walker
We had Professional Landscaping do some concrete removal and replacement to fix some drainage issues in our yard. They also improved our drainage system. Mario came out to plan the project and give us an estimate. He was very professional and knowledgeable. Communication was excellent throughout the project. Everything was done in a timely manner and the workers were very respectful and professional. Our concrete looks great and we would definitely hire them again.
Amy Collins
Amy Collins
Mario and his crew were amazing. Mario was always available to answer questions and give advice throughout the project. His crew worked hard from start to finish every day. If they ever had a question, they would always reach out to me to make sure they were doing it the way I wanted.
Brian Wikle
Brian Wikle
They repaired my system in the spring and winterized it in the fall. The following spring some pipes split when I turned the system on. They promptly came to fix the breaks and had me up and running quickly!
Christopher Dillon
Christopher Dillon
We had a great experience with Professional Landscaping. We had them install sprinklers, build planter berms with top soil, lay concrete curbing, install a trampoline, place boulders, add rock and mulch, lay sod, and plant trees and shrubs. From start to finish, they arrived when they said they would and worked hard until the job was done. When something wasn’t what we wanted, Mario made sure it was fixed to our satisfaction. The end result is wonderful! We couldn’t be happier.
lindsie johnson
lindsie johnson
Mario and his team were a dream to work with. They were professional and flexible. We made a few adjustments and changes along the way which they were able to quickly accommodate. Our yard was challenging with the vision I wanted and working with the elevation changes. Mario took my vision and made it even better than I had imagined. They made sure we were happy with everything and communicated very well all along the way. We would definitely recommend Professional Landscaping to anyone.
Jordan Kirby
Jordan Kirby
Mario and team are the best! They work extremely hard and do the best job! 5⭐️ Would recommend
happy couple with their baby sitting on the back yard-professional landscaping utah
happy couple eating watermelon on a beautiful back yard-professional landscaping utah


What sets you apart from other landscape designers?

We are a one-stop shop! Using Professional Landscaping for both your design and install comes with some amazing benefits. As an integrated member of the Professional Landscaping business, your designer will be in touch with the installers as your design is realized, to make sure we get everything just right.

What is included in a Design Package?

1. An in-person or video chat design consultation
2. A site assessment
3. A custom, to-scale 2D master plan of your dream landscape
4. A detailed planting plan, with all plants carefully hand-selected by an expert to thrive in your area and in that specific spot
5. One round of revisions
6. Two professionally printed copies of the finalized master plan
7. A complete plant shopping list

I’m having my yard installed by Professional Landscaping already, but choosing plants is harder than I thought. Can you help?

Absolutely. The partnership between our install and design teams means we offer the unique chance to book a Planting Consultation. Our resident plant expert will walk through your landscape with you, brainstorming and answering any questions you might have. Please note that this service does not include a planting map or a formal plan of any kind. Our expert bills for this time by the hour, so if you need someone to do the legwork of nailing down exact placement and quantities, we recommend you purchase a Design Package instead. It will actually save you money!

Can I get a free estimate or consultation?

Our Design Packages include the formal consultation process, but we’re happy to answer any questions you may have about the design process itself or which Design Package will suit your needs. You can call in or email us at to request a designer to reach out.

How do you price your design services?

Our design services are bundled into Design Packages, according to the size and scope of the project. We offer Full Design, Limited Design, and Mini Design Packages. All packages are one flat fee, so you know exactly how much you’ll pay upfront. If you were to break down the time that goes into our Design Packages, you’d find that it is significantly less expensive to purchase a package than it is to pay the hourly rate–around 40% less, in fact. We price this way because we believe in the power of comprehensive design and want to make going that route as practical as possible for our customers.

There are additional services you can add on to any package, including extra revisions and our White-Glove Service, which is where your designer will source and order all your plants, coordinate with the install team to pick them up, and on planting day hand place each one in your landscape in accordance with your design. To learn exactly how much your design will cost, reach out to us for a quote!

How long will it take for me to get my design back?

Once your consultation is complete, it can take anywhere from a couple of days to 3 weeks to get your design back. The time required depends on which package you purchase and on the complexity of your design.

Can you do 3D renderings?

Yes, Professional Landscaping offers 3D renderings. However, that process is currently functioning separately from the design side of things, so you will have to inquire about that through the main office.

How much will it cost to install the landscape you design for me?

Our designers are not able to give install estimates. That being said, please communicate any cost limitations or expectations to your designer during the consultation process. It’s their job to craft a design that works for all aspects of your life–including your budget. They cannot guarantee a design will cost a specific amount to install, but there are many strategies they can use to trim down costs if that’s a priority. Things like design choices, material selection, and even plant selection can all be adjusted to reflect that goal. Your designer can also chunk your design into recommended install “phases” to suit your needs and timelines.

Additionally, after you receive your initial completed design, you can schedule a free estimate to determine the install cost. Your designer can then take that information and use your free round of revisions to tailor your design to more exactly reflect your budget.

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